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Firgelli Robots In-line Pin-plug - OD: 1mm / 2mm

In-line Pin-plug - OD: 2mm


In-line Pin-plug - OD: 2mm

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Closely related to the banana plug but with a slightly different design is the so-called pin plug and matching pin jack. The pin plug design resembles banana plugs, but without the spring on the male pin. Instead, this design relies on the spring action in the female jack, or tightly machined tolerances, to ensure good contact.


* Metal contact diameter: 1mm / 2mm
* Metal material:Brass
* Surface:Nickel-plated
* Insulator material: PVC / PE
* Rated voltage/current:30V-60V /Max.6A
* Connect method: solder connection
* Available color: Red / Black 

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