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Firgelli Robots Nylon Drag Chain: Semi-closed / 1-side Cross Bar Open Type

Nylon Drag Chain, Cable management, Cable track : Semi-closed / 1-side Cross Bar Open Type


Nylon Drag Chain,  Cable management, Cable track - Semi Closed / 1-side Cross Bar Open Type


Drag chains, also known as cable carriers, are to surround and guide flexible cables connected to moving automated machinery. They reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses, prevent entanglement, and improve operator safety.

Semi-closed means one side cross bars are fully closed and cannot be opened. It protects the interior from getting dusty.

1-side Cross bar open type means the cross bars along the length carrier can be opened from one side so that the cables can be easily inserted from the outside.

These mini cable carriers do not have internal separators. And the mounting brackets fix the ends of the carrier to the machine.

The cable carries we supply are industrial quality with very low noise due to the precise tooling and high quality material in use. They run very smoothly with long durability.


* Material: re-enforced virgin nylon (be aware: cheap cable carries are made of recycled materials or low content percentage of nylon );

* Tolerance: high resistance to acid, salt, oil and alkali;

* Running speed: 5 meter / second Max.;

* Life-span: 5 million times by reciprocating motion under normal condition.

IW= Inner Width / IH= Inner Height / OW= Outer Width / OH= Outer Height / R= Radius / L= Length
2.0 lb

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