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Firgelli Robots PIR Sensor Unit - Low operation voltage

PIR Sensor Unit - Low operation voltage


PIR Sensor Unit for Human Body Movement Detection


This module is a infrared motion sensor like the ones used in alarm systems. It has adjustable sensitivity and holding time. It can be used for security, automation lighting control, robots and etc.. The core of the module is its high reliable PIR controller BISS0001 with the Fresnel lens installed for the detection of human body movement at a default distance of 7 meters.

Please be aware: The module should be plugged in before the power is connected to avoid damage to the circuit or MCU.

No reaction when imposed to strong and bright lights


* Small size 32mm × 24mm

* Operation voltage by 0.8~9VDC
* Single 5V voltage input
* 3.3V TTL logic output

* Quiescent current<150uA @5V input
* Built-in LHI778 PIR sensor and BISS0001 controller
* Two different trigger modes
* Adjustable time delay
* Default time setting
* 3 pin terminal by standard 0.1"(2.54mm) pitch
* Built-in regulator and amplifier
* High immunity to RFI and line noise immunity design
* Low operation power consumption 

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