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Firgelli Robots Ardublock Kit - A graphic programming kit for Arduino

Ardublock Kit - A graphic programming kit for Arduino


Ardublock Kit - A graphic programming kit for Arduino

*** Instruction Manuel is included


This Ardublock kit is a collection of sensors, extended compatible Arduino UNO R3 board and other necessary components. The combination of this kit along with the Ardublock software is a powerful learning tool on electronics for beginners in physical computing with no need to have a lot of knowledge to get started in the world of electronics.

Ardublock Introduction

Programming with C is not always an easy job for all those non-programmer Arduino enthusiasts, that is why ArduBlock graphical and block-based programming language has been developed.

There are a number of graphical, block-based programming languages such as Scratch, or OpenBlocks, but what keeps ArduBlock apart from others is that it is highly integrated with the Arduino IDE, which makes it easy to switch between Ardublock and the Arduino IDE as you become more comfortable and familiar with the Arduino instruction set.

ArduBlock can automatically adjust its display language according to your computer's language.

This Ardublock kit includes a compatible UNO microcontroller and a IO expension shield v5.0, a servo, a buzzer, some leds and severial sensors modules, which can be directly found as blocks in Ardublock.

ArduBlock Kit is a great way to learn electronics for children or non-programmers.

Packing list

x1 Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch

x1 Analog Ambient Light Sensor

x1 Analog Rotation Sensor V1

x1 Analog Sound Sensor

x1 LM35 Temperature Sensor

x1 Ultrasonic Range Detecting Sensor Module

x1 9g Micro Servo (1.6kg)

x1 Digital White LED Light Module

x1 Digital RED LED Light Module

x1 Digital Blue LED Light Module

x1 Digital Buzzer Module

x2 Digital Push Button

x1 Compatible Arduino UNO R3

x1 IO Expansion Shield For Arduino(V5)

x1 USB Cable A-B for Arduin

2.2 lb

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