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Firgelli Robots 32-Channel Servo Radio Control Board - UART Control

32-Channel Servo Radio Control Board - UART Control


32-Channel Servo Controller Board - UART Control


This is a very refined and stable servo motion controller board with USB interface. Up to 32 servo motors can be controlled by one board at the same time, either by programming via PC, or UART communication ( TTL serial port) of MCU (51, AVR, ARM, FPGA, PIC, etc.) to send commands to control the steering. Command instructions can also be downloaded to the MCU on board for offline operation.

It can be installed with PS2 receiving system and operated with remote control easily. With powerful functions, it can send commands to play 256 different motions.


* Operation voltage: 5VDC

* CPU voltage: 4.2~7.2V (depending on the servo in use)

* Baud rate (USB):115200

* Flash Storage capacity: 16M

* High accuracy and stability 

* Powerful and easy to use

* Higher controlling accuracy

* Offline operation function

* Identify baud rate automatically

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