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Firgelli Robots Hall-effect Switch Sensor Unit

Hall-Effect Switch Sensor Unit


Hall-Effect Switch Sensor Unit

The Hall-effect magnetic sensor module can be used to detect the presence or absence of nearby objects such as magnets. It is developed on a very sensitive device - H3144 for improved stability.

The module is equipped with a "TRIGGERED" LED, which illuminates when the output is active. To verify operation of the module, all you need to connect is GND and 5V, and observe the LED when a magnet is brought near the module.

To detect the state of the output, connect the module to an Arduino board after having it programmed.

Dimension: 32  x  11 x  20 mm ( L x W x H)
Main chip: LM393, 3144 Hall sensor
Working voltage: DC 5 V

Has a power indicator and signal output instructions.
Single-channel output.
When module hasn't been triggering the output is low; when module has been triggered, the output is high.
Sensitivity adjustable (fine-tuning).
There is a magnetic field signal output cut.
Output switch circuit board can be directly connected microcontroller or shop relay module, buzzer module.
Can be used for motor speed / position detection.

External 5V VCC
External GND
DO digital output interface (0 and 1)

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