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Firgelli Robots Speech (Voice) Recognition Sensor Unit

Speech (Voice) Recognition Sensor Unit


Speech (Voice) Recognition Sensor Unit


Speech recognition is an important asset for a robot, increasing its ability to interact with human beings and above all using their most natural form of communication.


- Chip in use --LD3320

 - Adopting single chip drive module to set and start voice recognition and getting results with MP3 display

- Recognition command uses the spell series, supporting dynamic editing.

- Easily realize the functions of voice recognition/voice control/man-machine interaction;

- Could finish speaker-independent speech recognition, no need for previous training or voice recording, no need for any PC software.

- No need for external Flash chip, RAM and AD chip.

- Stereo output power is 20mW while speaker output power is 550mA with very clear sound

- Support 8 parallel interface and SPI serial interface drive method

- Sleep mode is easy to activate and uses low power consumption

- Working voltage 3.3V, or for portable system, 3*AA battery

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