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Firgelli Robots 0.8mm Dia. Lead-free Solder - Sort: Sn-0.7Cu

Lead-free Solder - 0.8mm Dia.


0.8mm Dia. Lead-free Solder - Sort: Sn-0.7Cu


This lead free solder is 0.8mm in diameter with melting point at 227 degrees centigrade. It is popularly used by hobbyists. It is suggested to use lead free solder tips while working on projects. It comes in rolls of either 140 or 10 meters long. 


Sort and Chemical Composition (wt.%)

Sort Sn Pb Sb Cu Bi Zn Fe Al Cd
Sn-0.7Cu Bal. <0.1 <0.1 0.7+/-0.2 <0.001 <0.002 <0.002 <0.002 <0.002

 Physical Characteristics

Melting Point() Gravity(g/cm3) Tensile Strength Resistivity(ohm.m)
227 7.4 32 100~150


* for low temperature soldering

* for iron and wire soldering 


* Solder diameter: 0.8mm

* Length: 140 meters /  10 meters

* Flux: 2.2 percent


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