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Firgelli Robots 2 Channel Servo Control for Gripper

2 Channel Servo Control for Gripper


2 Channel Servo Control for Gripper


This servo control breakout is designed for the gripper we carry. Different from regular 2 channel servo control that is used to operate two servo motors simultaneously, this one can control two motors separately by the two potentiometers when manual mode is selected. This breakout can not only control RC servo motors, but also 180 and 360 degree robot servo motors for control testing. In addition, this breakout has two power supply circuits. One is used for control system by AC/DC power supply and the other is for servo power supply by DC.


* Input voltage: 7`24V
* Output voltage: 5V (fixed and none adjustable)
* Output PWM range: 500~2500us
* Potentiometer PWM accuracy: 2us
* Measurements: 82*61*29mm

How to use:

1. Connecting Servo interface:

2. Power connection:

3. Manual servo control:

4. Servo neutral:

5. Use of reset button:

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