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Firgelli Robots 25 Tie-point Solder-less Breadboard

25 Tie-point Solder-less Breadboard


25 Tie-point Mini Breadboard


These tiny little breadboards have 25 tie points. They can be installed on a PCB for any needed electronic connections in a project. Cheap and very useful.


1 Terminal Strip Tie-point 25

1 Pcs/set


Housing Material: ABS

Contact Material: Nickel plated brass

Connect Type: Socket

Min.Line Spacing: Pitch=2.54mm/0.1″

Surface Finishing: Spring clip

1. 110V or 220V AC input range selectable by switch

2. Dielectric withstanding voltage: AC 500V for 1 minute

3. DC adjustment range: ±10% rated output voltage

4. Overload protection: 125%~165% shut off, AC recycle to re-start

5. Over voltage proection: 112%~135% rated output

6. Fixed switching frequency at 25KHz

7. Contact resistance: 100mΩ max

8. Insulator resistance: 1000MΩmin. @DC 500V

9. Operating temperature: -20°c~+80°c

10. Plug times: ≥10000 times

11. 100% full load bum-in test

Accepts transistors, diodes, LEDS, resistors, capacitors and virtually all types of components

Twin adhesive back, can be fixed and moved to any position easily

Protection: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage

Phosphor bronze nickel plated spring clips

Accepts a variety of wrie sizes(AWG:20~29)

Cooling by free air convection

All material Rohs compliance

Low cost, high reliability

Completely reusable

0.5 lb

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