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Firgelli Robots 2mm Banana Plug with Aligator Clip on One End

2mm Banana Plug with Alligator Clip on One End


Banana Plugs with Alligator Clips on Both Ends

Price is for one pair

This test lead is made with 1 banana plug on one end and an alligator clamp on the other end. It is commonly used for either DC power supply or regular testing by having the banana plug inserted into a multimeter and the alligator clamp connected with the object to be tested. It is easy and safe to use.

* Metal contact: Nickel-plated brass
* Banana plug diameter: 2mm
* Stranded wire: Brass
* Cable plastic shield: PVC
* Cable gauge: AWG22
* Cable length: 100cm
* Rated current: 10A

0.2 lb

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