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Firgelli Robots 470 Tie-points Solderless Breadboard

470 Tie-points Solderless Breadboard


1 Terminal Strip Tie-point - 350 / 2 Distribution Strips Tie-point - 120

Mount Dimension (pitch): 1.0"(2.54mm)
Strip Length: 5.3 in (135mm)
Strip Width: 1.32 in (34mm)
Tie Points: 470

* Quick Test Sockets
* Solderless socket and bus strips
* Molded-in mounting holes
* Vinyl back prevents shorting
* Replaceable nickel-silver spring clip contacts
* Accepts all components with leads up to .033 inches
* Conductive spring clips inside breadboard body grab component leads and connecting wires (AWG #22-30) securely for parts plug-in/pull-out without soldering or damage
* Patented tab/keyway features for simple interlocking of several breadboards into larger, more versatile arrays
* Standard 0.1-by-0.1 inch contact grid accommodates DIP ICs and virtually all modern active and passive components
* Molded tab/keyway feature interlocks adjoining elements into larger array.
* Sockets provide twin columns of 5-point spring contact clips on each side of a 0.3-inch center channel.
* Bus Strips provide twin rows of pre-connected 5-point contact clips.

Molded-in mounting holes; mount with 4-40 flat head screws from top or 6-32F self-tapping screws from behind

#22 ~29 AWG wire preferred; component leads with diameters .01-.033 inches (.25-.84mm) acceptable, .015-.032 inches (.38-.81mm) recommended; prepared wire kit WK-1 is available

All Quick Test breadboards are 0.33 inches (8mm) high

Initial contact resistance is less than 0.5 milliohm, after multiple uses, this reduces to less than 0.4 milliohm.

0.5 lb

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