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Firgelli Robots 4mm Groove Opto-coupler Sensor Unit

4mm Groove Opto-Coupler Sensor Unit


4mm Groove Opto-Coupler Sensor Unit


This mini Motor Speed Sensor unit is used  for motor speed detection, position detection and pulse counting. It is designed on the basis of an optical sensor by having the electrical circuit installed inside the plastic enclosure. Its highly flexible positioning makes installation easy.


* Use high quality Groove type opto coupler sensor;

* Groove width: 4mm;

* Standard detecting object: none-transparent object above 1.5mm by thickness;

* Light source(wave length): IR LED(940nm);

* Power input: 5VDC;

* Current consumtion: below 25Ma;

* Control output: NPN output / When objects in the groove output high TTL

* Responding time: action/reset—less than 1ms –detection frequency by 1KHz Max

* Cable lenght: 15cm

* VDC--Red cable GND--Black cable  OUT--Yellow cable

*** Remark: it is suggested you install a 1K-10K resistor between power input and out put.


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