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Firgelli Robots 5-channel IR Flame Detector Unit

5-channel IR Flame Detector Unit


5-channel Flame Detector Unit


Using the five-channel flame sensor design, a much wider detection spectrum can be achieved (single flame sensor detection angle is around 60 degree. When the distance increases, the range is gradually reduced, while the probing angle of this module is greater than 120 degree). This module  is able to output a digital signal (high and low) and an analog signal (voltage signal) and works more accurately for the measurement of signal. Each of the five probes has a status indicator, which is convenient for debugging and application. The Digital output detection range is adjustable, so is the analog output sensitivity.


* Interface: Analog & Digital

* On-board M3 mounting holes for easy installation;

* 3.3V~9V power supply, compatible with most of the single-chip microcomputer system;

* SMD devices are used in all SMT easy soldering;

* Flame wavelength measurement range: 700~1100nm of short wave IR (SW-NIR), output via voltage signal.

* Responsive time : 15us

* PCB measurement: 31mm by diameter

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