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Firgelli Robots 5mm Groove Opto-coupler Sensor Unit - 2 Channel

5mm Groove Opto-Coupler Sensor Unit - 2 Channel


5mm Groove Opto-coupler Sensor Unit - 2 Channel


By using voltage comparator LM393, this mini Motor Speed Sensor module is used  for motor motion control. It is designed on the basis of an optical sensor by having the electrical circuit installed inside the plastic enclosure. 


* Groove width is 5mm;

* VCC GND OUT use 2.54mm standard pins for easy connections;

* Power indication by LED is installed;

* Has output status indication light. At output high TTL, the light is off, and vise versa;

* When an object in the groove, output high TTL, and vise versa;

* Signal is emitted by comparator for better reliability and waveform;

* Working power is DC 3.3 - 5.0V;

* 3 mm screw hole, easy to mount;

*  PCB measurement: 32 * 17mm


Motor speed detection, position detection, pulse counting, etc..

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