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Firgelli Robots 7-segment 8-digit LED Display Kit - Common Anode

7 Segment 8 Digit LED Display Kit - Common Anode


7-segment 8-digit LED Display Kit

NOTE: the pin header in the kit needs to be soldered by DIY


This kit consists of 2 4-digit common anode LED display emitting red color plus the drive board. It can be directly installed on robotic chassis or perform freely on other electronic projects.


* Controller IC: 74HC595

* Operation voltage: 5VDC

* Quiescent current: 5mA

* Max. operation current allowed: 80mA

* LED display: anode / digit height by 0.36 inch

* Interface: GND / VCC for power supply

* I/O interface: RCLK / SCLK / DIO

* Measurements: L * W * H = 72 * 24 * 10mm

* Weight: 25g


0.5 lb

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