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Firgelli Robots Altitude/Pressure Sensor-MPL3115A2

Altitude/Pressure Sensor - MPL3115A2


Altitude/Pressure Sensor - MPL3115A2


The MPL3115A2 is a MEMS pressure sensor that provides altitude data to within 30cm (with oversampling enabled). The sensor outputs are digitized by a high resolution 24-bit ADC and transmitted over I2C, meaning it’s easy to interface with most controllers. Pressure output can be resolved with output in fractions of a Pascal, and Altitude can be resolved in fractions of a meter. The device also provides 12-bit temperature measurements in degrees Celsius.

The MPL3115A2 is offered in a 5 mm x 3 mm x 1.1 mm LGA package and specified for operation from -40°C to 85°C. Package is surface mount with a stainless steel lid and is RoHS compliant.


* 1.95V to 3.6V Supply Voltage
* 1.6V to 3.6V Digital Interface Supply Voltage
* Fully Compensated internally
* Direct Reading, Compensated
-- Pressure: 20-bit measurement (Pascals)
--Altitude: 20-bit measurement (meters)
--Temperature: 12-bit measurement (°Celsius)
* Programmable Events
* Autonomous Data Acquisition
* Resolution down to 1 foot / 30 cm
* 32 Sample FIFO
* Ability to log data up to 12 days using the FIFO

* I2C digital output interface (operates up to 400 kHz)

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