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Firgelli Robots Aluminum Sheet - Alloy #1100

Aluminum Sheet - Alloy #1100


Aluminum Sheet - Alloy #1100


The aluminum used for making these sheets falls under the International Alloy Designation System of #1100. 

# 1100 aluminium alloy is an aluminium-based alloy in the "commercially pure" wrought family (1000 or 1xxx series). With a minimum of 99.0% aluminum, it is the most heavily alloyed of the 1000 series. It is also the mechanically strongest alloy in the series, and is the only 1000-series alloy commonly used in rivets. At the same time, it keeps the benefits of being lightly alloyed (compared to other series), such as high electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and workability. It can be strengthened by cold working, but not by heat treatment.

It is highly welcomed by hobbyists since it is cost effective, kind of soft and easy to cut or alter for prototyping. Although being taken as almost pure aluminum, that doesn't mean it is as soft as mud. The sheets are heat-treated and shaped in square.  In order to keep away scratches, we have them filmed on both sides before cutting into pieces with CNC machine. 

*** Many other small size aluminum sheets on the market will have scratched surfaces from the cutting process; this is why they often are sold for less than those offered here***


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