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Firgelli Robots Carbon Fibre Strips

Carbon Fibre Strips


Carbon Fibre Strips


Carbon fiber rectangles and strips are commonly used in RC field. They are manufactured in a process called pultrusion. Pultruded shapes have very straight fibers cured at high temperature resulting in high fiber to resin ratios and very stiff parts. They contain no fillers - ONLY continuous fibers. Most sizes are available up to 1000mm long. Dimensional tolerances are +/- 0.1~0.2mm and weight tolerances +/- 2-5%.

Compared to other materials and processes, carbon fiber strips and rectangles are twice as stiff as aluminum of the same cross section. They are 350% stronger in tension and 550% stronger in compression than the traditional wet lay-up with carbon fiber tow and room temperature resin systems.

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