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Firgelli Robots Character and Graphic LCD 128 X 64 Module

Character and Graphic LCD 128 X 64 Module


Character and Graphic LCD 128 X 64 Module


A big, bold, beautiful green LCD with white back-lit pixels. This LCD is the upgrade to those popular 16x2 LCDs, but allows full graphical control. Different drivers make for different quality. 


* Green yellow background with 128 x 64 'monochrome' white pixels
* Low power white LED back-light
* The LCD is driven by on-board 5V parallel interface chipset KS0108 and KS0107. They are extremely common and well documented
* Existing Arduino library over at the wiki use 'pin out B'
* PCB is 93mmx70mm (~ 3.66" x 2.75") and the viewing area is 71mmx39mm (2.8" x 1.5")

Driver - ST7920 DATA


1.0 lb

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