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Firgelli Robots Crash Sensor (Switch) Unit

Crash Sensor (Switch) Unit


Crash Sensor (Switch) Unit

A miniature snap-action switch, frequently known as a micro switch, is an electric switch that is actuated by very little physical force. Micro switches are widely used; they have applications in appliances, machinery, industrial controls, vehicles, and many other fields for the control of electrical circuits. They are usually rated to carry current in control circuits only, although some switches can be directly used to control small motors, solenoids, lamps, or other devices.

This is a small micro switch sensor module designed for the Arduino. It can be directly connected to the I/O Expansion shield. It integrates the pull-up resistor and the status indicator LED on-board, that makes it easier for testing. 

Common Applications:
* Robotic end-effector or device that can detect a crash before or during a collision of the robot or its tool;
* Leveling and safety switches in elevators;
* Door interlock on a microwave oven;
* Vending machines;
* Detect paper jams or other faults in photocopiers;
* 3D Printer position feedback,etc...

* Working Voltage: 5v
* Pinout:
1 - Digital output
2 - VCC
3 - GND
* On board status indicator LED
* Direct connection to the I/O Expansion shield For Arduino
* M3 mounting hole x2
* Dimension: 30x20x8mm

0.2 lb

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