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Firgelli Robots Cuhead WiFi Shield for Arduino V2.0

Cuhead WiFi Shield for Arduino V2.0


Cuhead WiFi Shield V2.0 for Arduino


The Cuhead WiFi Shield V2.0 for Arduino is the shield you need to get Wi-Fi connectivity to your Arduino-based project. Use it to control your mobile robot via the internet, host web pages and more. This shield is not for beginners. Shield-compatible Arduino microcontroller sold separately.

• Supports both infrastructure (BSS) and ad-hoc (IBSS) wireless networks
• 802.11b connectivity
• 16M bit serial flash for storing web pages and other data
• Uses SPI for host communication (max speed 25MHz)


A) Shield:

- Add-on shield built for Arduino Diecimila and Duemilanove
-Dimensions, shape, even color match exactly
-True plug-n-play solution
- All Arduino headers brought out for easy access
- Easy access reset button on-board
- On-board PCB antenna

B) Wi-Fi Module:

- 802.11b Wi-Fi certified
- 1Mbps and 2Mbps throughput speeds
- Ability to create secured and unsecured networks
- WEP (64-bit and 128-bit)
- Low power usage
- Sleep mode: 250µA
- Transmit: 230mA
- Receive: 85mA

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