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Firgelli Robots CV PWM DC Motor(Brushed) Speed Regulator - 6~90VDC - 10A

CV PWM DC Motor (Brushed) Speed Regulator - 6~90VDC - 10A


CV PWM DC Motor Speed Regulator - 6~90VDC - 10A


Supporting PLC, this dual directional Motor Speed Controller allows controlling speed of a DC motor using a Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM) DC voltage with a Duty Cycle fully adjustable from 0%-100%. The motor speed controller can provide a continuous current of 10A to a DC motor or other DC load.

The circuit also includes a 20A fuse for wrong connection of power supply and over-voltage limit protection.

Note: this speed regulator is for brushed DC motor only.

The power supply must be fully stopped before making the motor perform a reverse directional rotation.

Technical features:

* Input supply voltage: 6V-90VDC
* The maximum output power: 0.01-1000W
* The maximum continuous output current :10A
* The overload and short circuit protecting current is 15A
* PWM frequency: 16kHz
* Duty Cycle adjustable: 0%-100%
* The 20A fuse installed for reverse connection of power supply and over-voltage limit protection
* Adjustable speed by the external 0-5V signal

The use of 0-5V external voltage control line description:

The speed controller supports the use of an external DC voltage control.
Using the following steps:
* First, remove the potentiometer. (you may take it down from one side of the circuit board or potentiometer side down by your need);
* Second, connecting 0-5V DC control signal to the middle pin marking 0-5V;
* Third, connecting the earth wire of 0-5V DC control signal to the connecting piece on the pin marking GND;

Measurements: 64*59*28mm

Weight: 80g

Important Notice:

An appropriately rated fuse (rated a little higher than the maximum current you expect to draw) is recommended to ensure safe operation.

The controller is with reverse-polarity protection and the fuse will be burned if connecting the supply voltage with wrong polarity. Double check all connections before applying power and always turn off the power supply before making any wiring changes.


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