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Firgelli Robots Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor - DHT22 Sensor

Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor - DHT22 Sensor


DHT22 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor


DHT22 (also known as AM2302) outputs a calibrated digital signal. It utilizes exclusive digital-signal-collecting-technique and humidity sensing technology, assuring its reliability and stability. Its sensing elements are connected with 8-bit single-chip computer.

Every sensor of this model is temperature compensated and calibrated in an accurate calibration chamber and the calibration-coefficient is saved in type of programme in OTP memory, when the sensor is detecting, it will cite coefficient from memory.

Small in size & low power consumption & long transmission distance (20m) enable DHT22 to be suited for all kinds of harsh application situations.
Single-row packaged with four pins, making the connection very convenient.

Feature & Application:

* Full range temperature compensated
* Relative humidity and temperature measurement
* Calibrated digital signal
* Outstanding long-term stability
* Extra components not needed
* Long transmission distance
* Low power consumption
* 4 pins packaged and fully interchangeable


* Power supply: 3.3-5.5V DC
* Output signal: digital signal via single-bus
* Sensing element: Polymer capacitor
* Operating range: humidity 0-100%RH / temperature -40~80 Celsius
* Accuracy: humidity +-2%RH(Max +-5%RH)/ temperature <+-0.5Celsius
* Resolution or sensitivity: humidity 0.1%RH / temperature 0.1Celsius
* Repeatability: humidity +-1%RH / temperature +-0.2Celsius
* Humidity hysteresis: +-0.3%RH
* Long-term Stability: +-0.5%RH/year
* Sensing period: Average-2s
* Interchangeability: fully interchangeable
* Dimensions: small size 14*18*5.5mm

* 4 pins: 0.1"(2.54mm) spacing

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