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Firgelli Robots DYP-ME007 V2 Ultrasonic Range Finder

DYP-ME007 V2 Ultrasonic Range Finder


DYP-ME007 V2 Ultrasonic Range Finder


The DYP-ME007 V2 Ultrasonic unit is a high performance, cost-effective and non-contact distance measurement module, with temperature compensation. It calculates distance by 340 m / sec  and measures range of 0.02 ~ 5.00m with accuracy by 1cm.  

Product Features:

• Small, easy to use

• low voltage, low power consumption

• Wide measurement range

• High accuracy

• Temperature compensation application


• Applications ranging occasions;

• Measuring the distance between objects:

• Programmable car obstacle avoidance:

• Robot obstacle avoidance:

• Teaching apparatus;

• Security, industrial control

Technical Detail:

* Probe Main Technical Parameters

* Center resonant frequency: 40kHz ± 2kHz

* Static capacitance: 3300P ± 300P

* Resonant impedance: 120Ω ± 20Ω

* Frequency bandwidth (-3dB): Δf-3dB ≥ 2kHz

* Operation voltage: 300 ~ 500VP-P

* Limit voltage ≤ 1000VP-P

* Transmitting beam angle: 6O degrees

* Operation temperature: -40 ~ +80 ℃

* Protection class: IP65

Module Performance:

* Voltage: DC5V;

* Static current: Less than 2mA;

* Output signal: Electric frequency signal, high level 5V, low level 0V;

* Sensor angle: Not more than 15 degrees;

* Detection distance: 2cm-500cm (Actually up to 2.5m)

* High precision: Up to 0.3cm

How it works:

* Send 12us pulse to pin Trig, to start measurement

* The ultrasonic module will automatically send eight 40khz square waves, automatically detects whether there is a reflect signal

* When there is an reflect signal back, the Echo pin will output a high level, the duration of the high-level signal is the time (Techo) from ultrasonic launch to return.

* As a result, the Measured distance = (Techo * (Sound speed (340M/S))) / 2;

(Suggested measure period should >60ms to avoid the wrong echo signal)

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