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Firgelli Robots Experimental Use Jumper Wire Kit

Experimental Use Jumper Wire Kit


Solderless Wire Kit 140 or 350 pieces


These solderless breadboard jumper wire kits provide insulated, pre-stripped wires. Each piece is color-coded.  Packed in transparent snap-shut plastic box. Very useful for hobbyists on breadboard projects.

♦ Product Description:

◊ These are the highest quality flexible male to male cable jumper wires.

◊ This type of breadboard cable wires are most preferred.

◊ Wires are flexible, durable, reusable, easy to trace, easy to connect and disconnect.

◊ Use these to jumper between any female headers or between two points on the breadboard.

◊ Multiple jumpers can be installed next to each other on a 0.1" spacing.

◊ Having exactly the right wire lengths for the job makes your projects much neater, more reliable, and easier to debug;

♦ Features:

◊ 6 different colors: Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange, & Black;

◊ Pre-cut and pre-stripped wires simplify and speed up prototyping work;

◊ These wires are compatible with standard breadboards that have 0.1" grids.

140 pieces kit:

This kit consists of:

15-29mm:63 pcs

32mm:20 pcs

40mm:20 pcs

64mm:10 pcs

90mm:10 pcs

115mm:10 pcs

140mm:10 pcs

350 pieces kit:

This kit consists of:

350pcs of 22 AWG solid wires

pre-cut, pre stripped and pre-formed on each end

14 different lengths x 25pcs of each (2,5,7,10,12,15,17,20,22,25,50,75,100 and 125mm)

1.0 lb

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