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Firgelli Robots Extraordinary Test Probe with V-shape Groove

Extraordinary Test Probe with V-shape Groove


Test Probe with V-shape Groove

Price is for one pair


This is a very special test probe with V-shape groove at its head. Simply pull up the button at rear end, the V-shape groove will open, put the wire under 2.5mm in diameter in between, and then release. The sharp and hard slim needle will pierce into the cable without any damage.A banana plug socket is on the side with 4mm in diameter. It is for a banana connector to plug in for testing purpose.


* Metal material:Brass base / Stainless steel needle
* Insulation material:PA
* Rated voltage/current:CE CATIII 1000V /MAX.10A
* Connect method:4mm socket connection
* Application scope:Match with the test lead of Multimeter or Oscilloscope for high voltage


0.5 lb

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