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Firgelli Robots F280 Planetary DC Motor

F280 Planetary DC Motor


F280 Planetary DC Motor


This planetary motor is made with a gear box combined with a F280 dc motor. It is especially made for robotic chassis. Its high torque with low power consumption makes the chassis run smoothly.

Motor specs:

* Working voltage range: 3~24VDC

* Unload speed @3V: 80RPM / Torque:

* Unload speed @6V: 200RPM / Torque:

* Unload speed @12V: 400RPM / Torque:

* Unload speed @24V" 800RPM / Torque:


* Total length: 55mm

* Motor /Gearbox diameter: 24mm

* Output D-shape length: 13mm / diameter: 4mm

1.0 lb

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