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Firgelli Robots Flanged Ball Bearing - MF63ZZ

Flanged Ball Bearing - MF63ZZ


Flanged Ball Bearing - MF63ZZ

Note: 10 pieces in 1 roll


Made of high quality steel, this is a standard flanged ball bearing by the model MF63ZZ. Quality is guaranteed. Very useful in DIY projects.

Bearings with a flange on the outer ring simplify axial location. The housing for such bearings can consist of a through-hole of uniform diameter, but the entry face of the housing (which may be either the outer or inner face) must be machined truly normal to the hole axis. However such flanges are very expensive to manufacture. A more cost effective arrangement of the bearing outer ring, with similar benefits, is a snap ring groove at either or both ends of the outside diameter. The snap ring assumes the function of a flange.


3x6x2.5mm Flanged Metal Shielded Bearing

0.5 lb

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