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Firgelli Robots H-bridge Motor Drive - 2A - V1

H-bridge Motor Drive - 2A - V1


H-bridge Motor Drive - L298N IC - V1


This motor drive is developed for robotic chassis. It can run 2 DC motors at the same or 1 4-phase stepper motor or 1 2-phase motor.

Generally speaking, the MCU and motor drive on robotic chassis share the same input power, so no isolation is necessory.

Some robotic chassis are installed with 4 motors, to make it happen, end users just need to use shorting blocks to achieve a cascade connection.

Special character:

* circuit protection by freewheeling diode installation;

* PMW stepless speed control;

* easy connection.


* Main Chip: L298N
* Operating Voltage Rang: 4.5 - 5.5V
* Application: 5.0 - 30V dc motors
* DC motor Max. Output Current: 2A (Peak current: 3A)
* Max. Power: 25W

Measurements: L * W = 48 * 42mm

0.5 lb

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