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Firgelli Robots HTD 3M Aluminum Synchronous Pulley Set / Ratio- 1:4 / Teeth: 30-120

HTD 3M Aluminum Synchronous Pulley Set / Ratio- 1:5 / Teeth: 12-60


HTD 3M Aluminum Synchronous Pulley Set / Ratio- 1:5 / Teeth: 12-60

Price is for one pair


Synchronous Belt Drives help reduce the problems of slippage, belt stretch, lubrication, and metal-to-metal contact. They provide superior performance because power is transmitted by positive engagement of belt teeth rather than by friction, as in conventional belt drives.

Features and Benefits:

* Constant Speed - No slip, no creep, minimum backlash, because of the positive grip of the belt teeth with pulley grooves;
* High modulus strength member — Needs minimum take-up;
* Freedom from initial belt tension — Reduces bearing loads,increases life;
* Compact design — Gearbelt belts permit smaller pulleys, shorter centers, narrow belts;
* Lightweight — high horsepower-to-weight ratio makes Gearbelt drives ideal for any application where weight is an important factor;
* Less heat — because Gearbelt drives generate virtually no friction;
* No lubrication required;
* Wide load capacity range;
* Wide belt speed range.


* Small pulley teeth: 12

* Big pulley teeth: 60

* Small pulley diameter: 12mm

* Big pulley diameter: 60mm

* Total height: 25mm

* Belt width fitting: 10mm

0.3 lb

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