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Firgelli Robots IR Flame Detector Unit

IR Flame Detector Unit


IR Flame Detector Unit

Remark: the PCB shape may be different without notice.


The flame sensor can be used to detect fire or other wavelength at 760 nm ~ 1100 nm light. In the fire-fighting robot game, the flame is a key factor to be probed. This module serves as the robot's eyes to find a fire source.

Flame sensor probe angle is 60 degrees. The sensitivity of this module to the flame spectrum is adjustable by the installed potentiometer.  The two M3 mounting holes are made to stabilize the module.

The flame sensor's operating temperature is -25 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius.  It should be noted that the probe distance from the flame should not be too close in order to avoid damage.


* Supply Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
* Detection range: 20cm (4.8V) ~ 100cm (1V)
* Rang of Spectral Bandwidth : 760nm to 1100nm
* Responsive time : 15us
* Interface: Analog
* PCB dimention: 32 x 14mm
* Mounting hole: 3mm

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