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Firgelli Robots Light Intensity Sensor Unit

Light Intensity Sensor Unit


Light Intensity Sensor Unit


This is a BH1750 light intensity sensor breakout board with a 16 bit AD converter built-in which can directly output a digital signal, there is no need for complicated calculations.This is a more acurate and easier to use version of the simple foto resistor which only outputs a voltage that needs to be calculated in order to obtain meaningful data.

With the BH1750 Light Sensor intensity can be directly measured by the luxmeter, without needing to make calculations. The data which is output by this sensor is directly output in Lux (Lx). When objects which are lighted in homogeneous get the 1 lx luminous flux in one square meter, their light intensity is 1lx.

You can add a reflector to the illuminant so that there will be more luminous flux in some directions and it will increase the illumination of the target surface.

Set-up examples:

* Night: 0.001--0.02; * moonlight night:0.02--0.3;

* cloudy indoor:5--50;

* cloudy outdoor:50--500;

* Sunny indoor:100--1000;

* under the sunlight in summer afternoon: about 10*6 power;

* reading books for intensity of illumination:50--60;

* home video standard intensity of illumination:1400.


Car headlights / flashlights / photographic lights / Portable game machine / Digital cameras / adjusting LCD and Keypad backlight power of Mobile phone


* Power Supply: 3 - 5V
* Light Range:0 - 65535 lx
* Sensor Built-in: 16 bit AD converter
* Size(L x W): Approx. 3.2cm x 1.5cm
* Direct digital output, bypassing the complex calculation, bypassing the calibration
* Don't distinguish between ambient light
* Close to the spectral characteristics of visual acuity
* Widely used to 1-lux high precision measurement
* Standard NXP IIC communication agreement

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