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Firgelli Robots Light Intensity Sensor Unit

Light Intensity Sensor Unit


Light Intensity Sensor Unit


This sensor unit is developed on the photoresistor PGM5516P IC, which can detect the ambient light brightness and intensity. Its sensitivity can be adjusted by the installed potentiometer.  With this module installed a robot can move by light intensity after being programmed.


* Can detect ambient brightness and light intensity
* Adjustable sensitivity (via blue digital potentiometer adjustment)
* Operating voltage 3.3V-5V
* Output Type:
              -Analog voltage output -A0
              -Digital switching outputs (0 and 1) -D0
* With fixed bolt hole for easy installation
* Small board PCB size: 32 * 14mm
* Power indicator (red) and the digital switch output indicator (green)
* Using LM393 comparator chip, stable

Pin outs:

External 3.3V-5V VCC
External GND GND
DO digital output interface, a small plate (0 and 1)
AO small board analog output interface


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