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Firgelli Robots Mini Battery-operated Spindle / Driller

Mini Battery-Operated Spindle / Driller


Multi-purpose Mini AC/DC Driller Spindle


Operated by 2 AAA Lithium batteries, this handy multi-purpose mini driller is a very useful tool in making electric circuits on PC boards. It can do drilling, cutting, polishing and engraving jobs when different accessories are applied. It is powerful enough for DIY projects.


* Rechargeable battery: 3.7V 800mA x 2

* Motor speed at unload: 22000rpm at 7.4V

* Drill bit shank diameter: <2mm

* Measurements: 185mm(L) / 13MM(Diameter)

* Weight: 40g (excluding battery)

Note: the kit comes with 3 different drill bits:

1 x spiral double flute with 0.6mm bit by diameter

1 x spiral double flute with 1.0mm bit by diameter

1 x spiral double flute with 2.0mm bit by diameter


0.5 lb

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