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Firgelli Robots Multimedia Speaker OD: 36mm / H: 4.8mm

Multimedia Speaker OD: 36mm / H: 4.8mm


Multimedia Speaker  OD: 36mm


These tiny Multimedia Speakers are used for a variety of DIY projects. They can also be used on as replacements on laptops. Low power consumption, low cost, good quality.


Dimension(Outer size×Depth mm) 36*4.8mm
Impedance @1KHz 1V 8±15%(Ω)
Sensitivity@1.0,1.2,1.5,2.0KHz@0.1W/0.1M 83±3dB SPL
Normal power (w) 1.0W
Maximum power (w) 2.0W
Bass Resonance Frequence (F0) 440±20%Hz
Frequency Range (SPL-10dB Hz) 240~8K(Hz
Operating Temperature -20~+50ºC
Storage Temperature -30~+60ºC



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