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Firgelli Robots Plastic Sprocket Wheel and Track Kit

Plastic Sprocket Wheel and Track Kit


Sprocket Wheel and Track Kit 

NOTE: each kit comes with: 1 rubber track (25 links) + 2 sprocket wheels + 2 hub adapters + 4 sets of screws and nuts +  full sets of  rubber track link shafts.

To make a crawler base, 2 kits are needed.


This kit consists of sprocket wheels, wheel hub adapters, rubber tracks, screws and nuts. All the key parts are made of plastic. By putting all the parts together, hobbyists can develop a robotic crawler base.  The rubber track length is adjustable according to the need.

Rubber track  measurements (each link) :


*Lead time is 2-3 weeks

 Select the hub adapter to use depending on the shaft style and size:


Pick up the sprocket wheel with 96 teeth:

Put the sprocket and the hub adapter together:



To complete a crawler base: />

Hobbyists can develop a crawler base by using their own structure frames with the help of the sprocket wheels and rubber tracks we supply. This full set crawler base is available in our robotic base section.

1.0 lb

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