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Firgelli Robots Power Supply Module for Breadboard-Model MB102

Power Supply Module for Breadboard-Model MB102


Power Supply module for Breadboard - MB102


This power supply module is developed for a popularly used mini breadboard (model - MB102) or the one with the same width.  It is installed with a USB connector and a DC connector.

On the upper side of the board, you'll find 2 Pins for 5V and 2 Pins for 3.3V interface together with the 4 corresponding GND-Pins.

On the lower side, there are 4 pairs of pins working with either 3.3V or 5V. Using this Board, you will never run out of power anymore.

With this power adapter, you can select 3.3V and 5V for the two power rails of your breadboard independently, which makes it perfect for mixed voltage projects.


* Output Power: 3.3VCD and 5VCD

* USB-Connect and Power Supply-Connector

* Power LED

* Power Button

* Size 52mm x 34mm

0.5 lb

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