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Firgelli Robots Pre-cut Flat Rainbow Cables - Conductor Pitch: 2.54mm

Pre-cut Flat Rainbow Cable Series - Pitch: 1.27mm


Pre-cut Flat Rainbow Cable Series - Pitch: 1.27mm


Ribbon cable is really helpful in situations where hobbyists need to make a lot of connections without a big mess of wires. Nothing makes a project look more finished than a nice clean wiring harness. Each cord matches with 2.54mm connector.


* Center spacing: 0.05"(1.27mm)
* Standard 10-color repeat sequence
* 28 AWG stranded wire (7x36) with 7 copper strands
* Voltage rating: 300V
* Minimum operating temp: -20°C
* Maximum operating temp: 105°C
* Insulation: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
* Single edge red stripe for pin 1 orientation

0.3 lb

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