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Firgelli Robots Pre-cut Grey Ribbon Cables / Conductor Pitch: 2.54mm / Pin: 4~24

Pre-Cut Flat Ribbon Cable Series / Conductor Pitch: 2.54mm


Pre-cut Flat Ribbon Cable Series / Conductor Pitch: 2.54mm


These high quality UL approved flat ribbon cables are pre-cut for DIY projects. One edge of the cable is marked with a red stripe. The conductor pitch is by 2.54mm. Hobbyists can make cables with the matching shrouded pin headers.

A ribbon cable (also known as multi-wire planar cable) is a cable with many conducting wires running parallel to each other on the same flat plane. As a result the cable is wide and flat.

Ribbon cables are usually specified by two numbers: the spacing or pitch of the conductors, and the number of conductors or ways. A spacing of 0.05 inch (1.27 mm) is the most usual, allowing for a two-row connector with a pin spacing of 0.1 inch (2.54 mm). These are used for many types of equipment, in particular for interconnections within an enclosure.


* Standard: UL2561/AWG#26

* Insulation material: PVC

* Stranded copper wire structure: 7/0.16TC

* Conductor picture: 2.54mm

* Voltage rating: 300V(max.)

* Minimum Operating Temperature: -20°C

* Maximum Operating Temperature: 105°C

* Maximum Operating Temperature: 105°C

*Length: 1000mm



1.0 lb

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