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Firgelli Robots Professional Welding Goggles

Professional Welding Goggles


Professional Welding Goggles


This is a pair of professional safety eye protection glasses. Very useful when doing gas cutting or soldering. Complying with the USA standard by ANSI Z87.1—2010. Made of IR5.0 polycarbonate, the lenses are resistant to scratching.

Note: this pair of glasses should not be used when doing arc welding, gas shielded welding and etc. with blazing lights.


* Light in weight.The durable and comfortable frame offers all round protection;
* Vinyl resin material, Hooded vents for dust, impact and splash protection;
* Double clamshell design with outer black lenses and inner transparent lenses;
* Elastic band is adjustable.

1.0 lb

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