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Firgelli Robots Programmable Oscillator - 16kHz to 133MHz

Programmable Oscillator - 16kHz to 133MHz


Programmable Oscillator - 16kHz to 133MHz


The DS1077 is a dual-output, programmable, oscillator requiring no external components for operation. The DS1077 can be used as a processor-controlled frequency synthesizer or as a standalone oscillator. The two synchronous output operating frequencies are user-adjustable in submultiples of the master frequency through the use of two on-chip programmable prescalers and a divider. The specific output frequencies chosen are stored in non-volatile (EEPROM) memory. The DS1077 defaults to these values upon power-up.

The DS1077 features a 2-wire serial interface that allows in-circuit on-the-fly programming of the programmable prescalers (P0 & P1) and divider (N) with the desired values being stored in NV (EEPROM) memory. Design changes can be accommodated in-circuit on-the-fly by simply programming different values into the device (or reprogramming previously programmed devices). Alternatively, for fixed frequency applications, previously programmed devices can be used and no connection to the serial interface is required.


Processor-controlled or standalone solidstate oscillator
Frequency changes on-the-fly
Dual low-jitter, synchronous fixed frequency outputs
2-wire serial interface (I2C)
Frequency outputs 16.2kHz to 133MHz
0.5% variation over temp (+25℃ to +70℃)

0.5% initial tolerance
Nonvolatile (NV) setting storage
Single 5V supply
No external component
Power-down mod
Synchronous output gain


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