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Firgelli Robots RGB 5050 SMD LED - by Single Unit

RGB 5050 SMD LED - Single Unit


RGB 5050 SMD LED - Single Unit

25 pieces in 1 bag


5050-RGB multi-colored SMD LED. 625nm/520nm/465nm wavelength, up to 2,150mcd. 120 degree viewing angle. Please read the detailed specs below.


* Input Voltage: R-1.9~2.3V, G-3.0~3.4V, B-3.0~3.4V;
* Forward Current: 3*20mA
* Luminous Intensity: R-800~1200mcd, G-2000~2200mcd, B-1000~1400mcd;
* Wavelength: R-617~627nm, G-516~519nm, B-468~471nm
* View Angle: 120 degree

Detailed DataSheet


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