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Firgelli Robots RGB Colorduino Driver

RGB Colorduino Driver


RGB Colorduino Driver


The Colorduino is an RGB LED matrix driver platform basis on ATMega 328P.

LED Matrix is NOT included!

This driver was designed to make it easy for a user to easily modify or write the firmware of Colorduino by Arduino IDE.

Power is supplied either by pin headers or via 2 sets of mini screw terminals, with a slide switch selecting between the two.

With the herder side, you just can use the 5V power supply, and the terminal side, now supports 6.2-7.5V power supply.  

More than 7V will cause the DM163 to overheat and more than 9V supply may burn your board. Pins brought out the edge of the board include RX, TX and DTS, which can be used to reprogram the on-board ATmega chip, and SCA and SCL for I2C communication.

A green LED on the front of the board indicates power, although it is mostly obscured as soon as you plug the matrix panel in.


* 8 bits colors support with 6 bits correction for each color in every dots
* Hardware 16MHz PWM support
* Without any external circuits, play and shine
* Dedicated GPIO and ADC interface
* Hardware UART and IIC communication with easy cascading
* 24 constant current channels of 100mA each
* 8 super source driver channels of 500mA each

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