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Firgelli Robots Round-shape Bore Omni Wheel - OD: 40mm

Round-shape Bore Omni Wheel - OD: 40mm


Nylon Round-shape Bore Omni Wheel- OD: 40mm

Note: Price is for 3 Pieces


Omni wheels or poly wheels, similar to Mecanum wheels, are wheels with small discs around the circumference which are perpendicular to the rolling direction. The effect is that the wheel will roll with full force, but will also slide laterally with great ease. These wheels are often employed in holonomic drive systems.

In robotic projects, they can be installed on small chassis for rotation.

This omni wheel is made with round-shape bore in the middle, which can be easily installed with our specially made round-shape shaft.


* OD: 40mm

* Bore Dia.: 8mm

* Width: 29mm


0.5 lb

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