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Firgelli Robots Set Screw Type Flexible Beam Couplings - OD: 16/19/22/30/35mm

Set Screw Type Flexible Beam Couplings


Set Screw Type Flexible Beam Couplings - 

id: 3mm - id: 6mm / OD: 16 / L: 23



Made of aluminum alloy 6063 T7, these flexible beam couplings are produced for hobbyists to use in their DIY projects at very affordable prices.


Material: aluminum 6063 T7
Rated torque: 0.3 N.m ( by OD19mm) / 0.5 N.m(by OD22mm)
Speed: 6000 rpm(Max.)


Shaft Encoder .
Stepper & Synchronous motor.
Damper Drives.
Rotary position transmitter.
Testing & Measuring Instruments


  • One piece construction
  • Compensates for angular, parallel, skewed and axial shaft offsets
  • Integral clamp and set screw attachment styles
  • Zero backlash torque transmission
  • Constant velocity and zero vibration when offset
  • Angular offset up to 5 degree
  • Low bearing loads
  • Bi-directional torque transmission
  • Torsionally stiff.
  • Vacuum environment compatible products
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