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Firgelli Robots  Shielded-type Deep Groove Ball Bearings - 600ZZ Series

Shielded-type Deep Groove Ball Bearings - 600ZZ Series


Shielded-type Deep Groove Ball Bearings - 600ZZ Series


In a deep-groove radial bearing, the race dimensions are close to the dimensions of the balls that run in it. Deep-groove bearings can support higher loads.

Made of high quality bearing steel or stainless steel and different from cheap carbon steel,  these caged deep groove ball bearings run very smoothly with low friction while maintaining good load capacity. They are popular on RC and robotic products.

General Specs:

1). Closures: 2 Metal Shields
2). Lubrication: Multemp SRL Grease
3). Material: Stainless steel / Bearing steel


Inner Diameter * Outer Diameter * Width

603ZZ- 3x9x3mm

604ZZ- 4x12x4mm

605ZZ- 5x14x5mm

606ZZ- 6x17x6mm

607ZZ- 7x19x6mm

608ZZ- 8x22x7mm

609ZZ- 9x24x7mm

623ZZ- 3x10x4mm

624ZZ- 4x13x5mm

625ZZ- 6x16x5mm

682ZZ - 2x5x2.5mm

683ZZ - 3x7x3mm

684ZZ - 4x9x4mm

685ZZ - 5x11x5mm

686ZZ - 6x13x5mm

687ZZ - 7x14x5mm

688ZZ - 8x16x5mm

689ZZ - 9x17x5mm

Difference between ball bearing steel and carbon steel:

1). Material cost: ball bearing steel is about 50% higher;

2). Life span: bearings made of ball bearing steel last longer than those made of carbon steel;

3). Wear-resisting property: ball bearing steel has very strong wear-ability, while carbon steel is generally heat-treated on its surface and not hard enough;

4). Ball bearing steel has very good elasticity, fatigue strength, strong anti-friction and loading capacity, while carbon steel does have those desirable advantage points;

5). Bearings made of bearing steel run very smoothly without noise, while those made carbon steel have mechanical noise when rolling.

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