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Firgelli Robots Single Board Robotic Chassis Kit

Single Board Robotic Chassis Kit



This motorized 3 wheel chassis was developed for entry level hobbyists. It can be installed with different electronic components and breakouts for different functions. To make it more interesting, hobbyists can control it using wifi, android or windows systems.  The board is made of black acrylic and is 1.5mm thick .


L: 20 x 17 CM (with 2 wheels) W: 20 x 14 CM (without 2 wheels) Wheel Dia.: 6.6cm

Gear Motor Specifications:

Operating Voltage 3VDC at unload 5VDC at unload
Current(mA) 80-100
Gear Ratio 1:48
Speed (rpm) 125 208
Torque(kg-cm) 0.8


Parts Packaging:

Item Name Quantity Item Name Quantity
Board 1 Motor 2
Battery Holder 1 Screw & Nut 1 set
Motor Speed Board 2 Motor Bracket 2
Standoff 4 2 wheels + 1 ball-caster


2.2 lb

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