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Firgelli Robots Skate Board Bearings - ABEC 1~11

Skate Board Bearings - ABEC 1~11


Skate Board Bearings - ABEC 1~11


We purposely added this special line of bearings that are commonly used on skate boards. They can, however, also be used on RC and robot applications.


Material: Chromed bearing steel

Measurements: 8*22*7mm

About ABEC:

The ABEC scale is a system of rating the manufacturing tolerance of precision bearings. The system was developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Council (ABEC), a division of the American Bearing Manufacturers' Association ABMA). The ABMA was formerly known as the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers' Association. Bearings rated under the ABEC systems are typically called "precision bearings", with a rating or class from 1 to 9. ABEC 1 meets a looser tolerance and ABEC 9 meets high precision tight bearing tolerances.

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