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Firgelli Robots SMA Panel Mount Plug with Solder Post Terminal-Vertical

SMA Panel Mount Plug with Solder Post Terminal-Vertical


SMA Panel Mount Plug with Solder Post Terminal-Vertical


These  SMA panel mount connectors are made in square flange style with pin-head or pin-hole in the center. The extended dielectric and solder post can be cut short in accordance with project need. The high mechanical strength and high durability makes them super low VSWR. Four legs and one conductor will go through PCB vertically, and be soldered in rear side of PCB. Hobbyists can select the right cable to match.


* Type: SMA
* Gender: Female
* Material: brass
* Appilcation: GSM GPS antenna connector,SMA Connector RF Connector
- Application-1: Base Stations
- Application-2: PC/LAN
- Application-3: Instrumentation
- Application-4: Telecom
* Frequency: DC - 6G Hz. VSWR: 1.3 Max.

* Impedance: 50 ohm


1.1 Wireless LAN Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g)/ Bluetooth Wireless
1.2 mini PCI cards
1.3 PC cards (PCMCIA)
1.4 Compact flash cards
1.5 Wireless Modem
1.6 Notebook and Desktop PC
1.7 Computer Peripheral
1.8 Digital Cell Phone
1.9 PDA
1.10 Wireless scanners
1.11 Wireless meters/instruments
1.12 RF Test points
1.13 AP antenna converting

Material Specifications:

Parts Name Material Finish
Center Contact Male Brass 3u Gold
Female BeCu 3u Gold
Body, Metal Parts Brass Nickel or Gold per requirement
Insulators PTFE None
Gasket Silicone Rubber None
Crimp Ferrule Annealed Copper Nickel or Gold per requirement



SMA-K with Center Hole / Threads outside

SMA-J with Center Pin / Threads inside 

RP-SMA-J with Center Hole / Threads inside

0.2 lb

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